Highlands ( TWO FINISHES )

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The name Highlands truly inspires the imagination. Some think of the serene and natural beauty of lush green rolling hills; others dream of kilts, caber toss and a hardworking life; and still others think of growing cities in New Jersey, Denver and California. One look at The Highlands Collections by NE Kids and you will be inspired by where your imagination takes you.

A relaxed blend of warm textures and sophisticated style, our Highlands Collection uniquely transitions to any décor. If you find yourself inspired to create a sleek urban loft or ski chalet for your teenager or a rustic beach or lake hangout for your tween or simply a warm and inviting room for you toddler, Highlands is the perfect solution. Highlands’ ability to adapt to any environment is a testament to its simple styling and beautiful finish.

Manufactured from SOLID Pine the Highlands collection is available in the perfectly understated Driftwood finish. Our unique DURA-brush finishing process further enhances the natural beauty of the Driftwood finish and results in a piece of furniture poised to transition through the years with your child. We hope you will take the time to look at all the pictures in the Highlands Catalog and be inspired by how diverse this collection truly is.

This Collection is available in Espresso and Driftwood

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